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Economic values for ecosystem services: A global synthesis and way forward

Luke Brander, Rudolf de Groot, Philipp Schägner, Victoria Guisado-Goñi , Vince van ’t Hoff , Stefanos Solomonides, Alistair McVittie f , Florian Eppink, Matteo Sposato, Luat Do, Andrea Ghermandi, Michael Sinclairj , Richard Thomas

The role of forest ecosystem services to support the green recovery.Evidence from the Ecosystem Services Valuation Database. Background Paper to The State of the World’s Forests 2022 (2023)

Luke Brander, Rudolf de Groot, Philipp Schägner, Victoria Guisado-Goñi, Vince van ’t Hoff, Stefanos Solomonides

On the potential use of the Ecosystem Services Valuation Database for valuation in the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (2022)

Luke M. Brander , Jan Philipp Schägner , Rudolf de Groot

Make nature count. Integrating nature’s values into decision-making
A pilot study: assessing expected changes in ecosystem services and
the valuation of these changes in four different (ASN Bank) projects (2022)

Vince van ’t Hoff, Mieke Siebers, Arnold van Vliet, Wijnand Broer, Dolf de Groot

Estimating the value of ecosystem services in Brazil using the Ecosystem Services Valuation Database: a short desk study (2021)

Stefanos Solomides

Update of global ecosystem service valuation database (ESVD). Report for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra, UK) (2020)

Rudolf de Groot, Luke Brander, Stefanos Solomonides

Global estimates of the value of ecosystems and their services in monetary units (2012)

Rudolf de Groot, Luke Brander, Sander van der Ploeg, Robert Costanza, Florence Bernard, Leon Braat, Mike Christie, Neville Crossman,, Andrea Ghermandi, Lars Hein, Salman Hussain, Pushpam Kumar, Alistair McVittie, , Rosimeiry Portela, Luis C. Rodriguez, Patrick ten Brink, Pieter van Beukering

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