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Latest ESVD update webinar

ESVD has organized a webinar titled "ESVD Update 2024 - Paving the Way Towards CoP16" on April 24th at 2 pm. Don't miss out on our discussion of the pivotal role of ecosystem services valuation in shaping National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs). You can watch the recording of the webinar below.

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SELINA Workshop #3 - Leiden

The FSD team recently attended the third SELINA thematic workshop titled 'Developing Salient Information for Evidence-Based Decision-Making.' This insightful event took place from February 5th to 8th, 2024, in Leiden, the Netherlands, and was hosted by Capitals Coalition. We're excited to have been part of such an important gathering focused on enhancing decision-making processes.



Our latest publication has arrived! This update builds upon the foundational work of De Groot et al. (2012) and signifies a significant advancement in ES valuation studies. Featuring data from over 1,300 studies and more than 9,400 value estimates in monetary units, it marks a substantial leap forward in our understanding of econoimc valuation of ecosystem services.


Webinar Make Nature Count 2.0

In January 2024, ESVD and ASN Bank organized a webinar titled "Make Nature Count 2.0." During this event, we delved into the process of incorporating the value of nature into impact assessments for financial investments.

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SELINA Workshop #2 - Madrid

The FSD team recently engaged in the second SELINA thematic workshop, focusing on advancing solutions and sharing existing and innovative methods with project partners, stakeholders. Valuable feedback from this gathering will guide us in refining and enhancing our solutions to address identified challenges. Exciting progress ahead!

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