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Image by Dawid Zawiła
Image by Ranae Smith


To use the ESVD you can register for a free account. By signing up, you are indicating agreement with the Terms of Use specified on the right. When you make an account, you have to log in with your username, not with your emailadres.

You can search the ESVD on the ESVD-interface using a set of drop-down lists and/or free text search. Here you can view your search results, generate summary statistics, and download data. See the screenshot of the database for more information on the functionalities of the ESVD.

You can suggest a study to be added to the ESVD using the “Suggest a Study” page. Suggested studies will be added to the repository of valuation studies to be analysed, entered into the database, reviewed and shared through the ESVD.

Keep in mind, the ESVD web-interface is not hosted by this website, please click the button below to go to the ESVD.

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