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Luchtfotografie van de natuur


Economic and monetary information on ecosystem services is important in many ways: It can help to demonstrate the welfare effect of investing in nature conservation and landscape restoration, it is essential in attempts to internalize externalities in cost-benefit analysis of land use changes and business models, and it is increasingly used in natural capital accounting and national conservation strategies. ESVD has worked on multiple projects with multiple partners.


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We collaborate with the FAO on their ABC-tool by including the ESVD monetary values for the biodiversity module. Included over 1300 new values, current total: 8,000 values.

Image by Marvin Alexander Ullrich

LNV Update 2022-2023

LNV supports a new update of the ESVD, aiming to include over 800 values, new functionalities for and an automated review process.

ASN Biodiversity Fund

For the ASN Bank, we piloted the use  of monetary valuation for risk assessment in their biodiversity fund.

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Our project in North-Macedonia has the aim to contribute to sustainable land management and implementation of ecosystem services through our integrated assessment of the monetary benefits of ecosystem services.

SELINA 2022-2027

FSD partakes in the 5 year SELINA project (EU Horizon grant) consisting of 50 partner organisation throughout Europe with the aim to uptake ecosystem services in decision-making.

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State of the World's Forests

The FAO supported the ESVD update for their flagship report: State of the World's Forests 2022 (SOFO).


Image by Stefan Katrandjiski

Workshop - North Macedonia

In North-Macedonia, we gave a workshop on integrated ecosystem service assessments for NGO's, governmental organisations, managers of national parks and scientists

Image by Jonathan Ford

DEFRA update 2020

This update highlighted UK ecosystem services with a special focus on habitats relevant for flood risk management.

Image by Marvin Alexander Ullrich

LNV Update 2021

LNV supported the spring 2021 update of the ESVD, adding over 600 value estimates to an estimated total of 5400 value estimates and supporting the development of

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User Case

With satellite data from Satelligence we are estimating the value of deforestated tropical forests.

Image by Chris Lawton

RVO - ESVD and satellite data

We collaborated with the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) to align the ESVD with satellite data for financial institutions.

Image by Mohmed Nazeeh


Global Ratings

The project consisted of calculating a hypothetical cost of nature-loss for Amazonian-sourced beef.


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