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As ESVD continues to gain recognition as a valuable resource for understanding and assessing ecosystem services, this section serves as a testament to the diverse range of outreach efforts undertaken to promote its use and engage with a broader audience. Explore the various outreach initiatives and discover how ESVD has made a positive impact on different stakeholders and communities.


Make Nature Count: The importance of ecosystem service valuation data for policy making

On May 24th, 2023, ESVD and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality collaborated to organize a webinar. The ESVD team spearheaded this event, which explored the intersection of natural capital and government policy. Serving as the culmination of a joint project between ESVD and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality, this webinar presented a valuable wrap-up. During the session, we delved into the value of ecosystem services, examined the latest developments, and discussed practical ways to utilize ecosystem services valuation data.

Pre-COP15 webinar: Make Nature Count. Aligning financial flows with Ecosystem Services

On November 30th, 2022, FSD and ASN Bank co-hosted an online webinar exploring ecosystem services, their monetary valuation, and practical applications for organizations. We discussed the opportunities and risks involved in assessing changes in ecosystem services for investment projects. The webinar aimed to answer questions about the services nature provides, their monetary value, and how to incorporate these values into financial decision-making and TNFD's LEAP framework. 

The ‘Make Nature Count’ report is an important step towards answering these questions and pinpoints the direction for more sustainable investments and a more sustainable future.

Ecosystem Services Valuation Database Launch Webinar

On October 14, 2021, FSD and Capitals Coalition organized a highly successful online launch event webinar. This engaging webinar attracted a remarkable audience, with approximately 1000 participants signing in. The event provided profound insights into the ecosystem services offered by nature, their monetary value, and effective methods for comparing these values. Moreover, it celebrated the momentous launch of the online functionality of the ESVD, facilitating the assessment of nature's monetary value worldwide.


Wat goed is voor de natuur, is ook beter voor de economie

De economie werkt tegen de natuur. ‘Hoe viezer het water, hoe hoger het bbp. Dat is heel gek’


The ESVD team had the privilege of attending the ESP Conference in Crete 2022. This highly anticipated event brought together 500 experts, researchers, and practitioners from around the world who are passionate about understanding and conserving ecosystem services. The ESVD team actively participated, contributing to the discussions and networking with fellow professionals.


We were part of a new publication by Wageningen University called: A Global Meta-Analysis for Estimating Local Ecosystem Service Value Functions

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