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ESVD applications

Currently, the ESVD is used by many different organisations for many different purposes (see here). We want to work together with you to improve the applicability of the ESVD and to show the potential of the ESVD for sustainable business, financial institutions, research and governmental organisations. Currently, we are especially focusing on user-cases for applying the ESVD for financial institutions.

We provide the services mentioned below. Do not hesitate to get in touch via for more information, questions and project possibilities.

Impact assessment

With the ESVD you can do monetary  impact assessments of the effects of land-use change such as de-/afforestation on ecosystems and their services. See current projects for more information on this for several FAO projects.

Price setting

The business community is willing to change their business model into a more sustainable direction and internalise the (negative and positive) externalities. The ESVD can assist with this by  creating insights in the ‘true’ value of nature to be taken into account.

Natural capital accounting

Finally, the ESVD can be used for Natural Capital Accounting (NCA). It can be used to measure the value of the flows from natural capital to be included in the System of Environmental Economic Accounts (SEEA) of countries.

Cost-benefit analyses of project alternatives

The ESVD can be used in Cost-Benefit Analyses showing that conservation and restoration are not per definition financial costs (mostly quite the opposite!).

Risk assessments

The ESVD can be used to estimate monetary effects of investments on biodiversity and ecosystems. In addition, it can highlight the dependency of businesses and financial institutions on nature! See our recent projects for more information.