Natural Capital Debt

3.764 trillion

Ecosystem Services Valuation Database  

The ESVD is the largest publicly available database and tool with standardized monetary values for all ecosystem services and all biomes on all continents. Standardized and location-specific monetary values allow for readily-available data to be used in decision-making. 


The continued loss of ecosystems and biodiversity is endangering the prosperity of current and future generations. To halt biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation we need to structurally integrate the 'full value' of ecosystem services in everyday decision making by governments, business and individuals.

Let's make nature count!

ESVD Online Launch

ESVD was officially launched during a webinar event on 14 October 2021.


The webinar was well attended and we thank everyone who joined for their interest and engagement. We received a lot of valuable input in the form of questions, comments, and engagement in the interactive session.

You can watch the recording here.

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The Database

  • Over 6700 value estimates

  • Almost 70% standardized in Int$2020/Hectare/year

  • Over 900 studies included

  • 42% of all value estimates have been externally reviewed

  • Repository including 5000+ studies

Our Philosophy

  • The data in the ESVD is available to everyone who has created a free account

  • State-of-the-art and reliable data

  • Contribute to decision-making for financial institutions, governmental organisations

  • Used in the fields of sustainable and green finance, natural resource management, ecosystem services valuation and biodiversity conservation and restoration


You can use the database and it's summary statistics for different purposes:


  • Impact assessments of land-use change and climate impacts


  • Cost-Benefit analyses of project alternatives


  • Price setting (internalizing externalitities)


  • Risk assessment of business models


  • Natural Capital Accounting: Assisting in estimating ecosystem asset values


Get Started

A free ESVD account allows you to browse and extract ecosystem service valuation data from the ESVD, to create summary tables, to suggest studies and to enter data yourself.

There are many ways to get involved. You can join us in a project or contribute to reviewing data.

Start your ESVD journey today.

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